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10 Reasons To Buy An Outdoor Spiral Staircase.

04 June 2015

Stairs For All Seasons

With summer just around the corner, many of you will be thinking about moving your renovation projects from inside to outside. When looking at how to improve the access to your garden from first and second floor levels why not consider a Cast Aluminium Staircase. Traditionally people have straight staircases leading from a balcony; this can significantly reduce the amount of useable space in the garden, especially in old Victorian and Edwardian houses, where traditionally gardens are long and thin. These Balconies and Stairs are often made from timber, and having to stand up to long winters and wet summers mean that these staircases and balconies are prone to rot, and become potentially unsafe for use.

Outdoor Spiral Stairs

Here Are 10 Reasons To Buy An Outdoor Spiral Staircase

A popular theme throughout our blog posts is that our spiral staircases are cast aluminium, not cast iron. Retaining all the strength and durability of cast iron, but at just a third of the weight, they do not require the extensive foundations that the cast iron staircases need, and are also extremely easy to install as they are designed specifically so that local tradesmen and DIY enthusiast can install reducing expensive fitting costs. Cast aluminium staircases offer a more suitable, weather resistant and attractive alternative to simply replacing old timber stairs with new timber stairs and the traditional straight design.


1 – Space Saving Stairs

An outdoor spiral staircase creates an elegant, but functional staircase that provides access from one floor to another without wasting precious garden space.


2 – Multiple Tread Styles

Whether you have a contemporary garden, roof terrace area, or want a more traditional feel, our external spiral stairs make a stunning feature. With four different tread designs to choose from, we have a range of different tastes to meet individual requirements and styles.


3 – Larger Landings / Decks

As a spiral staircase rotates off the corner of a balcony or landing area, it just simply spirals down, without compromising on practicality. This use of space, often allows you to create a larger balcony, or bigger landing areas, because a spiral staircase takes up a small square foot area.


4 – Natural Light & Self Draining

All our spiral stairs have perforated treads, allowing dirt, water and more importantly, light to pass through the tread and decking plates of the landing area. Not only does it make the spiral and balcony areas safer as water does not collect and become a slip hazard, it also allows light to pass through the balcony and staircases  without starving rooms on the ground floors of natural light.


5 – Multiple Sizes Available

With 12 different sizes available, British Spirals & Castings will be sure to build a staircase that suits your space.


6 – Child Friendly

Believe it or not, spiral staircases are child friendly. Unlike a straight staircase, on which a child or elderly relative could fall from top to bottom, if you were to slip on a spiral staircase, you would only fall one or two treads before meeting the balustrade of the spiral handrails. Also we are naturally inclined to hold on to both the handrail and centre column, when walking up and down a spiral staircase, these rails provide that extra stability.

Outdoor Spiral Stairs

7 – Value for Money

Spiral staircases cost less than the equivalent in a straight staircase.


8 – Can be Fitted By Your Tradesman

You don’t need specialist fitters to fit our stairs. All our spirals and balconies are built and designed for local tradesman to install. Therefore they can be fitted by the local tradesman working on your overall project.


9 – Totally In-House Design

From initial castings, to the final powder coating process, all our processes are in-house meaning that we can ensure the quality of the product that you receive.


10 – British Made Staircases

Our spiral staircases fly the flag “Made in Britain”. We are one of only a few staircase manufacturing companies who can say that with pride.  From raw material, to finished product, British Spirals & Castings are made by one team, here in the UK.





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