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A stylish timber staircase on a budget

07 November 2023

Example (not manufactured by BS&C).

Carrying out any building work over the past couple of years has been a challenge, with rising costs and material and labour shortages meaning your initial budget may not stretch as far as expected. This can lead to difficult choices when it comes to the internal fit-out, including your choice of staircase.

Here at British Spirals & Castings, we pride ourselves in delivering the best staircase for your budget and over the past few months we have been helping customers facing budget challenges to achieve a beautiful, modern finish at a surprisingly low cost.

The secret with these staircases is the careful use of materials and design. As with our standard solid timber staircases, the treads are cut from a Grade-A solid timber of your choice, however, the stringer (the side support) and  riser (the vertical section of wood between treads) are produced from a high grade poplar plywood. This is a high-quality material (in fact some of our Scandinavian designs use birch or poplar plywood for the standard treads), however, as a sheet good it is available at a far lower price point than a comparable section of solid timber such as Ash or Oak. In addition to lower the material costs, this also means our joiners do not need to spend time dimensioning the timber to the right thickness for your project, saving on labour.

The plywood sections of the staircase can then be painted in your chosen colour. This helps to make the solid treads really stand out, whilst providing a more stripped back, modern aesthetic for the staircase. We can either supply the poplar plywood sections pre-painted or just prime them so you can add the finishing touches yourself.

We can combine these styles with a range of balustrade designs and materials including simple cast aluminium with circular or square profiled spindles, solid timber or custom steel profile. Again, these can either come pre-finished or primed and ready to be painted or treated.

As with all our staircases, your design will be tailored to your home, ensuring it makes the best use of your space, provides plenty of room for users and is comfortable to walk up and down.

You can see some examples of this style of staircase in the images throughout this blog and below. If you would like to discuss one of these designs, or a different style you have come across whilst browsing Pinterest or a home design magazine then get in touch via email or come visit our showroom. Our in-house designers are more than happy to produce a staircase which perfectly captures your vision.

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