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Aluminium is the new Cast Iron

20 May 2015

Traditionally staircases used to be made out of cast Iron, and it has only been over the last couple of decades that new, stronger, more durable materials that are easier to work with, such as Aluminium have reformed the core principles of traditional sand casting techniques and material.

During an average day we will get approx. 5-10 people ringing and asking specifically for a cast Iron spiral staircase. Once we have engaged in conversation with them for a few minutes and have ascertained what they are really enquiring about, it soon becomes apparent that they are looking for a “Victorian looking staircase” rather than one that is specifically made from cast Iron.


Why Cast Aluminium and not Cast Iron?

There are really two answers to this question. One is that cast Aluminium products are just as good, if not better, than cast iron products and therefore it is better to offer an alternative to what is already out there on the market. Secondly as we own our own non ferrous foundry we can better control the quality and flow of castings, which means that we can be much more confident in the quality of our products and with complete control over the production we can offer flexibility when needed for those more urgent jobs.

The traditional view on Aluminium no longer has any place in today’s manufacturing industry. As the standards and quality of Aluminium have been regulated and improved, manufacturers worldwide have moved away from the cast Iron products and moved towards Aluminium alternatives.

All British Spirals & Castings metal staircases are made from cast Aluminium and it is something that we are very proud of. We have only ever built and supplied cast Aluminium staircases since the business was established over 30 years ago. We will continue to engage with the Aluminium ingot suppliers to ensure that we are sourcing the best quality Aluminium on the market for our staircases.

Benefits of Cast Aluminium Stairs

The benefits speak for themselves in terms of the quality, but the weight difference between the cast aluminium and cast iron staircase is significant. Cast Aluminium stairs weigh approximately 1/3 of the weight of a cast iron staircase. Aluminium stairs are also suitable for loft conversations and to put on existing flooring without any need for additional supports, additional steels and structural engineering cost. When used externally Aluminium Staircases do not need the extensive concrete foundations that cast iron requires, which means minimum disruption to the existing surroundings and environment.




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