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Straight & Curved Juliet Balconies

Juliet balconies, sometimes known as false balconies, are named after the famous scene in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Common in Mediterranean countries, designs by British Spirals & Castings have made them increasingly popular across the UK.

They’re a decorative feature that does not need planning permission, although relevant Building Regulations must be met. They bolt flush to the wall or can incorporate a small recess for plants. Whichever option you choose, they allow upper floor doors to be opened whilst providing a barrier to prevent people from falling.

Straight or curved, they provide stylish looks with impressive durability to match. They’re easy and economical to install, and are capable of withstanding the most demanding environments: ideal for refurbishments, just as useful for top-end new builds. With our belief that everything should be designed for you, we have a large range of examples of Juliet balconies which can be adapted for you, to your specific requirements.

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  • Wrought Iron

    The range of options is never ending, but here are a few examples of the extremes in design that British Spirals & Casting can offer. All our Juliet balconies are individually fabricated for you and hence there is no standard one size fits all option.

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  • Cast Iron

    Most of our cast iron balusters can be used to create Juliet balconies albeit that a double top and bottom rail maybe necessary to ensure that the Juliet balcony will meet current Building Regulations.

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