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Cast Iron Balusters and Newel Posts

The cast iron balusters are weldable to steel as they are made from spherical graphite cast iron and easily weldable using a cast iron to steel welding rod.

We offer a range of other designs in our Cast Iron Shop.




TLC 404JT 406TLC 407TLC 408TLC 409
BSC 14001BSC 14002BSC 14003BSC 14004BSC 14005
Height (mm)10001050105010501025
Width (mm)1706511075165
TLC 410TLC 489TLC 492TLC 497TLC 499
BSC 14006BSC 14007BSC 14008BSC 14009BSC 14010
Height (mm)1050100010401000990
Width (mm)17513012080195
TLC 501TLC 503TLC 504TLC 693Cast Iron Baluster
BSC 14011BSC 14012BSC 14013BSC 14014BSC 14015
Height (mm)1050105010009101155
Width (mm)20022020013016
Cast Iron BalusterCast Iron BalusterCast Iron BalusterCast Iron BalusterCast Iron Newel Post
BSC 14016BSC 14017BSC 14018BSC 14019BSC 14020
Height (mm)11551155115511551260
Width (mm)1614141690
Cast Iron Newel PostCast Iron Newel Post
BSC 14021BSC 14022
Height (mm)12601260
Width (mm)90120


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             BSC 14023


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