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Railing Heads

We also are stockists of 100s of designs of cast iron railing heads, here are just a few.

To see more designs, take a look in our Cast Iron Shop.

We can also make railing heads to match an existing pattern you require or choose whatever pattern you like.

TLC 021TLC 022TLC 037TLC 024TLC 032TLC 035
Height (mm)230240190135145185
Base diameter (mm)3530 (spigot)22303520
TLC 038TLC 039TLC 053TLC 051TLC 044
Height (mm)180150180230220
Base diameter (mm)4035424060
TLC 089TLC 095TLC 117TLC 073TLC 023
Height (mm)170160190150120
Base diameter (mm)3522603535

Mild Steel Forged Railing Heads

Our railing heads are weldable steel. We have many more railing heads that are not shown on this page and if you require a certain pattern, please contact me and I can help you.
These railing heads have a 15mm high x 20mm dia spigot (193 20mm sq.)

TLC 129TLC 130TLC 136TLC 151TLC 162TLC 172
Height (mm)170170210190180160
TLC 188TLC 193TLC 902TLC 903TLC 905TLC 912
Height (mm)200173200170125185
iron railing headsiron railing headsiron railing headsiron railing heads
TLC 914TLC 915TLC 269TLC 709TLC 709TLC 304
Height (mm)165160190190120155
iron railing headsiron railing heads
TLC 337TLC 344TLC 369TLC 370TLC 503TLC 509
Height (mm)130260130170150100
iron railing heads
TLC 510TLC 511
Height (mm)177317

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