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So Many Choices When Choosing a Staircase

16 February 2015

You have decided on a spiral staircase for your new build or renovation, you have passed it through building control and now just have to decide on the style. You have a lot of choices When choosing a staircase, so how do you choose?

Wooden or Metal

One of the first thing to decided is whether you want a cast or metal staircase or one made out of timber/wood or a mixture of the two. At this stage there are plenty of options available in respect of the overall look so choosing the material you want your staircase to be made of is a good starting point.

Style and Tread Design

The second major decision is whether you want a contemporary or more traditional look. So what are your options?

British Spirals & Castings believe that they have a range of styles available in any of the materials offered. It is the tread of the staircase that determines the style so at this point you need to establish which treads that you like and then we go from there.

In our cast aluminium range we have the following:
Traditional Victorian Range – still one of the favourites and most widely available staircases on the market. It is identified through the filigree design that is in the top of the tread/riser and is normally preferred if you are looking for a more ornate look. This tread is ideal for external applications as it offers plenty of drainage for our British weather.

Modern Art Deco Range

Our Modern Art Deco range offers a stylish but plain and contemporary look and is a design unique to British Spirals & Castings. Traditionally if you wanted a plain modern staircase your choice tended to be either a mesh or chequered plate design which many found too industrial for use in their homes. This slotted design means that your staircase is still suitable for internal and external use and adds a sophistication to the staircase design.

LCC Range

Following in the success of the Modern Art Deco staircase and also due to a high demand for a Georgian look staircase, especially in London’s conservation areas, where it is of upmost importance to keep any staircase in keeping with the area, came the development of the LCC tread. Again it offers a plainer look to the ornateness of the Victorian range but still enough of a design to be a very definite feature in any property. Again this tread is a popular choice for external staircase.

Scandinavian Staircase

If you prefer the idea of mixing wood and steel, then the Scandinavian could be the range for you. Although the Scandinavian is a design in itself, you can vary the look of the tread by using different woods, and then applying different finishes to these woods whether it be an oil, stain or varnish. We offer a range of ply and hard wood treads whether they be a blonde wood or darker timber. Also the type of riser bar you opt for can dramatically change the look of the staircase. A riser bar is either a thin steel bar or a piece of timber planted to the front tread which reduces the gap between each rise/tread to less than 100mm which is a British Building Regulation requirement.

If a solid timber is the type of staircase that you like,  again you don’t have to have a traditional looking staircase. As well as being able to affect the overall look of the staircase through the timber chosen and the finish applied the detail in the staircase can vary. You can have very plain looking tread with a smooth centre bobbin and closed riser or a more decorative looking tread with a more sculptured riser bar and centre bobbin and for those that want something somewhere in between there is options for those also.

Ok, so you have chosen your material and tread design, now you need to choose your balusters. All our balusters can be used on any of our staircases so by the time you get to making your decision, the type of balusters that you opt for really comes down to personal preference and can ultimately determine the look of the staircase as a whole. If your staircase does not need to comply with Building Regulations, then you can opt on how may balusters you would like per tread from as little as one.  However, if your staircase is subject to Building Regulations then you normally need more balusters per tread to ensure there is no gap more than 100mm between each baluster.

Choosing Balusters

staircase ballusters

With the more modern staircase, irrespective of the material and style chosen, it is more likely that you will either choose to have 3 round or square balusters per tread as it is more in keeping with the overall vision of the staircase. However this is not your only option and if you want to add a bit of detail or soften the look then there is a whole range of twisted, caged and knotted wrought iron balusters that we can offer which in the right setting can create stunning results.

Again although you can utilise any balusters on offer, with any of the styles we offer, the clients that decide on the more ornate Victorian range often opt to keep the balusters in keeping with the tread design and therefore opt for a more traditional Victorian baluster.

For some people though the concept of having three balusters per tread can make the staircase feel a little heavy and to accommodate those that feel like this, we have an range of infill panels that replace two of the three balusters on the tread. They are a wider type of baluster which is why only one of them is required. They vary in style from something relatively plain and simple to ones much more ornate but create a more spacey feel on the staircase.

The balusters can really influence the overall look and feel for the staircase so baluster choice is as important a choice as the material and style of the staircase. With so many options you really have an opportunity to create a stunning piece of furniture and show piece in your room or outside area and use your personality and style preferences to add your own individuality to the staircase.

Just from this brief overview of the different choices that are available to you when choosing your spiral staircase it is important that you take the time to make the right choices for you to ensure that it is something that reflects you as an individual and compliments the environment that it will go in.

Don’t forget if you would like to visit our showroom to get a feel for the different options available then please feel free.

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