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Colour Inspiration for your Spiral Staircase

02 January 2018

Colour is important, particularly in your home or business. As well as informing the overall aesthetic, it also has the power to influence how you feel in a particular space. Which is why, when decorating, we spend time looking over colour charts, painting little test patches on the walls to make sure the colour looks as we imagined, even taking our favourite jumper to the shop with us to make sure we get the perfect shade. However, choosing colours does not have to be limited to the walls.

Our in-house powder coating facility enables us of offer all our cast aluminium spiral staircase designs in any RAL colour, helping you achieve the look you want with a high-quality and durable finish. With such a wide range of colours available, it can be difficult to decide on the right hue for you. For inspiration, here is some of our most popular colours and some more unusual suggestions.


Black Spiral Staircase

A commonly-recited interior design tip is to always include something black as it helps to ‘anchor’ the room, making it feel more put-together and stable. So why not make it your spiral staircase! Sleek, intense yet not in-your-face, black is neutral shade and is our most popular colour selection for our designs. It works with a variety of styles and looks; from traditional Victorian, to our modern Art Deco design. Also, according to design and decorating trends website, Trendir, black interiors are going to be the IT colour for 2018!

Jet black still sound a bit too intimating? We offer a variety of softer blacks and greys too!


White Spiral Staircase

Whilst on the other end of the spectrum, like black, white is a flexible choice. Evoking feelings of cleanliness, lightness and elegance it works just as well on modern minimalist designs as it does the more ornate. Also, depending on the colours used on the walls and floor of the surrounding room, a white spiral staircase can either blend into a neutral colour scheme, or be a stand-out piece within a darker space. There’s something dreamy about a sweeping staircase in white, making it an ideal choice for bedroom areas.


Pastel Spiral Staircase

Elle Décor has predicted that in 2018 monochrome neutrals will give way to a new minimalist palette of pastels. Softer shades help to create a feeling of sanctuary- a place to refresh and recharge- tapping into the mindful living trend. Pale blues and greens imply a connection to nature, to the sea and sky, whilst pale pink has moved away from its gendered connotations to become a colour associated with rest and peace. Neutrals such as cream, beige and light greys are timeless colours, helping to create a staircase which is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, whatever they may be. Ahh…


A spiral staircase is a bold architectural statement in itself, so why not take it to another level by choosing a powder coating in a statement colour! Creating a beautiful impact in both home and work spaces, our brightly coloured spiral staircases have been used to create a number of playful and striking looks. The primary colours work particularly well: yellow is fresh, bright and arresting. A red staircase, meanwhile, works well within industrial or nautical-themed spaces, conjuring romantic ideas of the spiral staircase in a lighthouse. A bright colour option is a popular choice for businesses, who want to inject a bit of their brand’s personality into a space; however, any design piece that makes you stop and smile is good choice in our books!

Check out our Pinterest account for more inspiration! To have a look at our range of RAL colours, please click here.

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