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Bespoke Borders with a Garden Wall Railing

17 August 2017

Garden Railing

It can be difficult getting the balance right between creating a welcoming home and ensuring safety, but garden wall railings can offer a functional and stylish solution.

Our home is our safe space. It offers us the freedom to express who we are and what we like, whilst also providing us with an enclosed environment that’s for us to claim. You could erect high walls or hedges, but this may feel more like you’re living behind barricades rather than at home. However, choosing a garden wall railing can help to subtly define a property’s boundaries, whilst still allowing the occupant to view the world beyond.

What are the benefits of a garden wall railing?

Railings enable us to raise the height of a wall and create a secure border that prevents unauthorised access without impacting negatively on the aesthetics of the building and its view to the surroundings.

They are particularly useful when constructing a safe space for young children and pets to play as, unlike hedges, they can’t slip through any gaps.

In the case of ledges and platforms overlooking a lower level, such as a basement or cellar access from street level, wall railings provide a protective barrier that will reduce the likelihood of an accident or injury because of a trip or fall.

But railings aren’t just practical features offering peace of mind, they can also be an attractive choice, both from an interior and exterior perspective. Often homeowners choose their new properties based on the view. By installing a wall top railing, they can continue to enjoy what appealed to them from the onset whilst still improving the levels of security. The home also retains a welcoming appearance to visitors with the perks of a visually-striking architectural feature, and the installation may also add value to the house as a result of the extra security.

Custom fit

Our most popular wall top railings are cast and wrought iron, although other metals can be used to keep costs down for tighter budgets. All railings can either be individually drilled into plinths or walls, or subtly suspended over the finished level on a bottom bar. The complete look can also include a choice from one of our railing heads, such as a contemporary obelisk, an on-trend pineapple, or more traditional Prince of Wales plumes and spearheads.

In many cases, planning permission is required when adding a new boundary railing over 1 metre next to a main road or 2 metres elsewhere. If you require any advice to find the most suitable product for your home, we have extensive experience and are happy to help.

We can create the look that works for you; whether that be ornate or traditional, contemporary or period. These bespoke products can even be created to suit the requirements of buildings in conservation areas, such as those from Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian eras. If you’re asking yourself: ‘What is the difference between Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian railings?’ check out our previous blog.

All railings from British Spirals & Castings are made to order and, with a complete survey service available to you, they will fit perfectly every time.

You can contact us for more information on what we can offer, or to arrange a viewing at our showroom, by emailing us at or calling us on 0208 341 5975.

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