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LCC Balconies Work Well With Spiral Stairs

30 March 2015

Our LCC range of balconies and staircases are inspired by the Georgian era and the old traditional London cast iron castings. This style often needs to be replicated in many of the conservation areas in London and the surrounding areas. LCC takes its name from the traditional old London Casting Company.

Its simplistic design offers a more contemporary feel to the staircases and balconies whilst at the same time, reflects tradition and class. The uniform square holes in the castings make it suitable for both internal or external applications, as water from our typical British weather is able to drain  through making the balconies a popular addition to external staircases.

The LCC balconies are made to complement our spiral staircase range but can also be purchased as a standalone item. Balconies are constructed using angle or channel steel frames with aluminium decking plates which sit on top and create a decorative floor.

We have various different plates sizes which we use to make the balcony as cost efficient as we can and to allow for more design to be shown. Filigree in the decking plates again allows for water and dirt to drain more easily from the balcony but also ensure that light is able to pass through the balcony flooring to allow an element of light into any windows or areas below the balcony.

Again this is especially beneficial in the London area where people need access from their flats to garden or terrace areas but also need to be mindful of the impact their balcony may have on the occupiers in the flat below with regards to their right to light.

LCC Balconies take the same amount of time to construct as any of our other balcony ranges.

Below is an example of the LCC balcony which was constructed for a client in London who wanted something a little plainer and simpler than the Victorian option.


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