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Replacing a Balcony on a Heritage Home

07 May 2020

Replacement Victorian Balcony


When you’re dealing with a period property, any alterations to the building exterior can  present a challenge, not least to obtain planning permission. British Spirals & Castings have a great deal of experience designing and manufacturing staircases, balconies and other metalwork to exacting heritage requirements, ensuring they fit beautifully within your property and receive planning approval.

Recently, we helped to secure planning permission for a replacement balcony on a Victorian period property which had had previous applications turned down.

To the Manor

The beautiful manor building was constructed in 1892 and 20 years ago a simple timber and metal framed balcony was installed outside of the master bedroom. With this structure reaching the end of its serviceable life, the owner – Diane Scott – was eager to add a replacement which was both larger and more in keeping with the building’s decorative façade. As this was not a like-for-like replacement, planning permission was required. Having had a submission from a previous supplier rejected, Diane found our website and got in touch.

The previous timber balcony was beginning to show its age.

“The website was intuitive to navigate and I could easily find panels, balusters, and floor gratings suitable for my Victorian property” Diane said. “The gallery allowed me to visualise how the final structure would look and helped me make informed design choices. They responded quickly to my initial enquiry, issuing quotes based on the options I presented and were able to confirm that they could also provide a fitting service – exactly what I was looking for.”

Whilst we are typically able to design pieces based on measurements supplied by customers, we are able to carry out site visits where needed and in this case carried out structural surveys to guide the design process. We then modelled the new balcony using 3D CAD,  providing an accurate visualisation of the finished structure and helping to quickly reach planning approval with no objections.

For the balcony railing, Diane selected decorative spindles along with simple newel posts with spherical caps. The section of the balcony directly in front of the bedroom doors projects out and to identify this area, Diane chose an alternating pattern of intricate infill panels and spindles.

Replacement Victorian Balcony

“By using decorative infill panels in the central section, this made a ‘feature’ of the main balcony area” Diane explained. ”The refined balusters forming the railings on either side gives the overall structure a balanced look.”

The perforated decking plates not only add to the charm of the balcony areas, but also provide drainage and grip on the balcony surface.

Dealing with Challenges

One of the most significant challenges on this project was the projecting bay window which sits directly below the master bedroom. As the balcony deck sits a short distance above this, we initially looked to use two large brackets which connect to the walls on either side of this feature to provide support. During the work, however, it became clear that additional support would be needed for the projecting section of the balcony.

To achieve this, we designed and manufactured small, bespoke brackets which fix into the brickwork of the bay window – providing additional support  and decoration.

Vicorian replacement balcony brackets

“This was a complex project with a number of structural challenges that BS&C surmounted with ease.” Diane said “I was also very impressed with the dedication of the fitting team who worked in all weathers to ensure the installation was completed within the agreed timescales. They were able to overcome the potential issue of the bay window with a solution that not only fixed the problem but actually enhanced the overall structure.

I am delighted with the service I received from start to finish, particularly as BS&C were able to provide a complete package for my project. I was consulted during every stage of the process and comms were frequent and easy. The end result is a durable yet aesthetically pleasing balcony constructed from materials that are clearly of high quality. Neighbours and passers-by have commented on how elegant the balcony looks. It is a pleasure to throw open the French doors and walk out onto it each day!

Victorian replacement balcony

My overall impression of BS&C is that they are a family ran business clearly priding itself in a high level of professionalism. I had no doubts about placing my trust in Richard and his team to deliver my project: a beautiful yet functional balcony sympathetic to a period property that can be enjoyed for years to come.”

If you have a project of your own, whether it be a balcony, staircase or railing, take a look at our gallery and get in touch. Our friendly team will help you to create design which surpasses your expectations and gives you enjoyment for years.

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