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Spiral Staircase features in West End Boutique

10 November 2014

Over the years British Spirals & Castings has been involved in projects of all shapes and sizes. Recently we had the pleasure of working alongside leading architects, Pentagram and shop fitters, Bluegroup Retail, in the transformation of a boutique clothes, shoes, jewellery and bag shop on the popular Chiltern Street in Marylebone London.

The architects contacted us as they wanted a striking and unusual spiral staircase to act as the main feature in their clients shop. The staircase had to act as a space saver and provide access to a first floor area. The reason for choosing a spiral staircase was to maximise the space available and to ensure that they had an area to display the beautiful jewellery as its own area.

The initial enquiry was for the Victorian range of staircases but as we started discussions and we came to better understand their vision and it soon became clear that something a little different and more unusual was needed. We recommended our contemporary Modern Art Deco Staircase.

Mouki Spiral Staircase


We Work Closely With Your Architect

Given that the footprint of the shop was not overly large, we worked with the architects to ensure that all the necessary information was at hand. This allowed the discussions with building control to begin over the size of staircase which would be allowed. This was a key consideration as the staircase was to be fitted in a commercial environment.

Bespoke Staircase Widths

As the staircase was only to be used by a limited number of people, building control made concessions to allow a 1676mm diameter staircase, a width of spiral that is unique to British Spirals & Castings. The 1676mm diameter is a very comfortable size of staircase giving a more than adequate 725mm of clear space on each tread ensuring that it would be comfortable and safe for employees and customers. Once the specification had been signed off by building control, communications with the shop fitters resumed and drawings and keys measurement were provided.

Mouki Upstairs Spiral Staircase

Bespoke Staircase Treads

The bespoke nature of the staircase meant that the tread angle of each tread could be manipulated to ensure that the staircase took up the least amount of floor space. The nature of the materials used by British Spirals & Castings and our expert team in the workshop ensure that minimum fabrication work is needed on site. The final staircase was lightweight and the shop fitters said “it went in like a dream”.

Customer Testimonials on Our Staircases Speak Volumes

Being a supply only company, one of the frustrations of the job is that you rarely get to see the finished product installed in its new home.  We were pleased however, when the architect and project manager got in touch and said:

“The Mouki shop is now open, and we wanted to thank you and let you know that the staircase looks very good and that the clients are very happy. Thank you very much”.

We would also like to thank Nick Turner Photography, for the professional photos that were then sent through to us.

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