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Modern Art Deco Spiral Staircases

Our Modern Art Deco spiral stairs are a popular alternative to our more traditional Victorian designs. They really are one of a kind, with nothing else similar to them on the market.

They are sought-after metal stairs, providing a modern, contemporary look – practical yet striking in design, without the intricacy of more traditional cast stairways.

The Modern Art Deco spiral staircases can be used externally as well as in the home, shop or office, and offer something quite different when married up with the matching decking plates used to form balconies and landings.

Our cast aluminium staircases are just as strong and durable as any cast iron staircase on the market and look exactly the same. When used externally cast aluminium staircases simply only need a solid footing to fix to and therefore does not need the extensive concrete foundations that cast iron staircases often require, minimising disruption to the existing surroundings and environment.

  • Internal Examples

    This stunning range of spiral stairs brings together old and new to give a more contemporary look in the cast aluminium range. Typically these staircases will have plain round or square balusters, but other balusters options can be used.

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  • External Examples

    In an external setting, coupled with the matching design of landing plates, our Modern Art Deco spiral stair design can provide a subtle statement of quality.


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