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Scandinavian Spiral Staircases

Our Scandinavian spiral staircases provide many options for expressing your individuality. Despite being traditionally Nordic in style, all these staircases are manufactured here in Britain.

Of contemporary design, the stairs are exceptionally versatile and available in any diameter to suit your available dimensions, making them the perfect choice for wherever space is limited.

The wooden stair treads can be finest birch-faced timber or any solid timber, supplied ready sanded for the finishing touches to be applied. You will be offered the choice of either a steel or timber riser bar for staircases that need to comply with Building Regulations. The baluster choices on a Scandinavian spiral staircase can change the look and feel of the staircase dramatically and with a wide range of cast aluminium, plain, collared, turned and wrought iron balusters, we are sure that we can find a design which complements you.

Our Scandinavian spiral staircases are available with either a metal or solid timber handrail. Landing plates can be produced in any size to ensure that the optimum entry and exit point for the stairs is achieved.

Staircases are made in the same timber as the treads and have the option of a recess. This allows you to run your finished flooring right up to the nose of the landing plate, creating a seamless transition from stairs to landing area.

For further information on the Scandinavian range of spiral staircases or for advice on Building Regulations, please do not hesitate to contact the team on 01663 750716.

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