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Scandinavian Spiral Staircases with Metal Handrails

Metal handrails on a Scandinavian spiral staircase states modernity, whilst the wood of the treads adds an element of warmth to the stairs. We can make the treads for these striking staircases from any hardwood and complement them with a wide range of baluster design options.

High quality convex metal handrails create a pleasant feel under your hand and offer a quality alternative to the flat or plastic handrails. All are custom built to each customer’s requirement and offer a perfect alternative to more traditional styles.

  • Scandinavian Spiral Stair With Timber Riser Bars

    As the Scandinavian range of spirals do not have a front fascia, you will require a riser bar to reduce the gap between each tread to less than 100mm for Building Regulation purposes. The most popular option is to have a drop down riser bar in timber to match that of the treads you have chosen. They have been designed to continue so that they do not distract from the clean lines and contemporary feel that the Scandinavian range offers.

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  • Scandinavian Spiral Stair With Steel Riser Bars

    If you feel that the timber riser bars are slightly too heavy looking, then you can replace them with a more delicate 10mm steel riser bar that simply runs across the width of the tread, again reducing the gap between each tread to less than 100mm.

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  • Scandinavian Spiral Stair With Wrought Iron Balusters

    Although typically clients opt for a very plain baluster on the Scandinavian staircase, as with the other spiral ranges we are able to use any of our balusters on this design of staircase. The most popular alternative to the plainer balusters is the use of wrought iron knotted bars which softens the lines of the spiral whilst adding a quirky yet sophisticated look to the finish.

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  • Scandinavian Spiral Staircase with Oak Balustrade

    The beautiful square oak balusters on these designs runs all the way from the tread to the top landing creating a stunning finished effect. The steel handrail is fixed directly to the balustrade.

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