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Looking to create an entirely unique design for your property? Our team of expert designers and craftsmen are here to help. Whether you’re looking to include custom designed treads and spindles, or an entirely bespoke staircase concept, we can work with you to deliver your vision.

Below are a few examples of staircase commissions we have crafted in recent years.

  • The 'Nautilus' Helical Staircase

    We crafted this floating, helical staircase and balustrade for a new home on the Cornish coast. Jonathan Lees Architects produced an initial concept designs based around a nautilus shell to reflect the home’s beautiful locality. We then developed these into a fully engineered design including CAD designs and full structural calculations.

    The fascia and balustrades run continuously up the staircase and along the length of the mezzanine, creating a beautiful flow to the entire structure. The treads are carved from Grade-A Oak and were bleached to achieve a colour match with the solid timber flooring within the upper and lower floor spaces. 

    A key aspect of the design was to create the illusion that the treads are floating over the metal structure with no visible supports. This was achieved by wrapping the treads around steel cross members, completely concealing them. The fixing holes for the balusters in both the treads and nosing’s are also concealed with colour matched plugs, creating a seamless finished aesthetic. 

    Find out more about this unique, helical staircase.

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  • Double flight floating staircase with glass handrails

    We recently created this double flight staircase with a balustrade formed from individual sheets of toughened glass.  The floating solid timber treads open out at the bottom. In combination with the curving timber handrail, this makes a real statement.

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