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Helical Wooden Staircases

Our wooden helical staircases are the very top of the range: a fabulous addition to any property. These beautiful stairs create a sweeping look, giving the illusion of circular movement. Each staircase is individual, exclusive to you. It is your design, customised by you, then hand-made by our talented craftsmen. There are no limits to the design; there is no standard build.

Helical stairs are one of the most graceful forms, used extensively in luxury homes, penthouse apartments and imposing commercial buildings such as hotels. They differ from spiral staircases in that they do not have a centre column, and handrails are fitted to both sides.

Our made to measure helical stairs are made using the finest of hardwoods, ready to make a design statement in any building.

  • Wooden Helical Staircase

    Wooden Helical stairs do not pivot off a single point like spirals, but “sweep” elegantly up to the upper floor. All our Helical staircases are hand made from the finest woods and are individually tailored to client’s needs.

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  • Steel and Timber Helical Staircase

    This staircase was specially designed based on a concept from Jonathan Lees Architects. It features solid oak treads with steel fascias and handrails which run continuously onto the upper balcony.

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