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The Foundry

British Spirals & Castings are extremely proud to introduce its own non-ferrous foundry in Stoke-on-Trent, which over the last 50 years has established a fine reputation for quality and reliable cast aluminium castings, not only in our industry but within the car and aerospace manufacturing, engineering and pottery industries around the country.

Anything to do with the creation of our staircases and balconies starts its life at this foundry. Our skilled moulders use their years of experience to produce the castings that create our staircases and balconies ensuring that the highest quality is always met.

We hold all of our own patterns for staircases and balcony component parts but with our pattern making facility, we can also cast to new designs and specifications.

Engineering castings are an important and increasing percentage of the workload. Small volume runs and prototypes have become something of a speciality at our foundry, with quick turn-around times whilst maintaining the attention to detail. Prototypes can be taken from initial drawings, through pattern making and onto final production, in a timescale to suit each customer. Alternatively we are happy to cast from customers’ existing patterns.

Because we continue to use traditional greensand casting with individual bench moulders, die castings and air set techniques, we are totally flexible in our production of moulds from loose or boarded patterns, with individual or multiple impressions.

All our aluminium castings are produced in a variety of British Standard alloys, including LM21 BS1490, LM25 BS1490 and LM27 BS1490 and meet British manufacturing standards. Even our alloy ingots are supplied by British smelters.

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