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Timber Staircases

16 July 2015

Not only are our solid timber staircases a piece of craftsmanship, they can be individually tailored to clients requirements and budgets.

This allows the client to stamp their personal styles onto a staircase so that it becomes an individual and meaningful feature in the house whilst also being a very practical staircase.

Solid Timber SpiralAt British Spirals & Castings we can use any hard wood, although Ash, Oak, Sapelle and Walnut are the most popular choices.  We only use top graded timber with no knots or distortions.

All our staircases are made by our own team of trained and experience cabinet makers with every staircase built from scratch, therefore the cost difference between using a softwood and a hardwood is minimal. Most customers tend to want a wow factor staircase, for this most customers want a solid hard wood which gives the best effect.  We have ranges that tailor for most budgets.

Due to the bespoke nature of our staircases, we can also provide you with a choice of timber, metal, cast aluminium and glass panels, the balustrade options on a solid timber spiral staircase can again add individuality to a design as well as the option of an open or closed tread.

These timber staircases and more can be seen here, and if you want to talk through any designs and ideas then please get in touch or even visit one of our showrooms.

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