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Wood and Glass Spiral Staircases – A Perfect Match

03 May 2019

The use of natural materials can make a real difference to how you feel when you enter a room. They can add warmth and texture, create contrast with the modern environment and draw the attention of guests. One of the most effective ways to introduce these materials into your property is with a hardwood staircase.

Our team of skilled cabinet makers have crafted staircases in a wide range of Grade A timbers over the years and each wood provides a different and particular character. For example, the use of Birch and Birch Ply immediately speak of minimalist Nordic design (such as our Scandinavian Spiral Stairs), whilst the richer shades of ash and oak inspire images of traditional British homes.

Baluster Options

Beyond the choice of timber for the treads, the decision which will have the biggest impact on the final aesthetic of the staircase is the style of balusters. Traditionally these are made from either a matching wood or one of a number of metals such as cast iron or aluminium. We can manufacture these in a wide range of designs, from simple square or cylindrical columns to more intricate metal spindle designs, which add a touch of class whilst also meeting Building Regulation requirements here in the UK.

With the ongoing trend for minimalist design, however, many customers are now looking beyond these materials and towards a more seamless solution – glass.

Glass Balustrade Benefits

Glass balustrades offer unobstructed views of the staircase and provide a modern aesthetic. The transparent balustrades prevent the staircase from overly dominating a space and also allow more light to pass through. This can make them a particularly effective choice for tight spaces or more centrally positioned staircases in open plan rooms.

As with all balustrade options, in order to comply with UK Building Regulations, any gaps must be 99 mm or less.

Glass Balustrades for Spiral Stairs

To incorporate glazing within a spiral staircase we use thin strips of glass in a similar way to more traditional wood and metal spindles. These provide a minimalist aesthetic whilst also ensuring any gaps are less than 100 mm to ensure they comply with the building regulations. We can use glass strips within all of our wooden helical, straight, kited and combination staircase designs as well as  within the landing balustrade to complete the seamless aesthetic.Our twisted column timber staircase is a popular partner for these designs – providing a real stand out final appearance.


If you would prefer full sheet glazing below the handrail then we are happy to collaborate with other partners to deliver this. For example, the glazing on the staircases shown below were manufactured and installed by a specialist designer and provide another high-quality solution.


Whatever your requirements – we can find a solution which is right for you. Take a look at our wide range of products then in our gallery or get in touch and we’ll help you to create the perfect finished aesthetic.

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