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Wooden Spiral Staircases

Our stunning range of Grade A solid timber spiral stairs are hand built by our talented and skilled team of cabinet makers in the British Spirals & Castings workshops here in the UK. They will create a stunning wooden spiral staircase and because of the bespoke nature of the product, we can help design a staircase individual to you. No one size fits all. Solid timber spiral staircases will add elegance to any room. A vast range of best quality timbers are available, from traditional blondes such as Oak and Ash to darker woods like Sapele, Cherry and Walnut. There is something for everyone, so you can be sure that your new staircase is built to suit your every taste and requirement. With a choice of timber, metal, cast aluminium and glass panels, the balustrade options on a solid timber spiral staircase can again add individuality to a design as well as the option of an open or closed tread. To help turn your dream into a reality, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01663 750716 for a no obligation quote or come and visit our showroom and become inspired.

  • Burke Staircase

    This simple but stunning design remains one of the most popular designs we produce. The main features of the staircase are its closed risers and smooth central column. Many clients choose to build a wall around the staircase so that the handrail can hang off the wall removing the need for balusters, however the same design can be mixed with both metal and wooden balusters. We have recently introduced the option to have glass panels as an alternative to balusters which adds another dimension to this design.

    If the curves of a spiral is not your thing then we can make squarial staircases whereby it still rotates around a centre column but kites into the walls.

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  • Solid Timber with Timber Balusters

    The most traditional design of solid timber spiral staircase is to have the whole staircase in the timber of your choice. There is a choice of newel, centre bobbin and baluster designs to help you create the look that best fits with you and your home. Here are just a few examples of some of the staircases we have built for our happy customers.

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  • Solid Timber with Cast Balusters

    This range of spiral stairs combines wood and metal, creating beautiful individual and bespoke staircases whether it be something more contemporary or very traditional. There is a choice of newel and bobbin designs so that you can add individuality to your staircase. This range of spiral stairs have open rises with timber riser bars to ensure that Building Regulations are meet, British Spirals & Castings can fit most balusters design to our staircases.

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  • Twisted Column Spiral with Side String

    A truly stunning piece of craftsmanship! This spiral staircase has a handcrafted twisted centre column and side string, with curved treads to create a sweeping feeling. This design of spiral stairs is made in one piece so fixings are hidden.

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