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Making ‘Squares’ Modern with a Square Spiral Staircase

04 October 2017

Looking for access options for tight spaces can really send you ‘round the twist’, but square spiral staircases could be exactly the solution you’re hoping for.

Square spiral staircases, also known as squarial stairs, are the perfect choice for small areas or rooms when you want to maximise the floor space by avoiding a dominating stair.

But how can you square a spiral?

A squarial staircase has treads that wind their way around a vertical spindle (central, supportive post), like our other spiral stairs. The difference is that the edge of a square staircase is cut with a flat edge that can be fitted flush against a wall, into the corner of a room or stable partition wall. From above, the stair footprint is in a box shape whereas a more traditional spiral has treads with a curved edge that gives a circle footprint.

Square Spiral Staircase

They are space saving and make an excellent, contemporary alternative for an attic or loft opening, for example. This makes access a feature as well as a necessity. When fitted against a wall, you can also forgo the balustrade by using the wall as a support. In the absence of a wall, there is also custom options such as substituting balustrades for a glass panel. With glass, you don’t block the view of the room if you choose to fit your staircase in a conspicuous spot. It also allows light to filter through which keeps the room a bright, open space. Especially important as we approach those shorter days.

A square spiral staircase can also be installed with a matching landing plate, in addition to being available in a variety of materials, including timber, powder-coated cast iron, and aluminium. Squarial stairs are suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, and can be fitted clockwise or anti-clockwise, depending upon your preference.

The versatility of the design means that it has similar design features of a spiral staircase, but potentially with a smaller diameter. Even details such as the rise (height) of the treads can be adjusted to suit your preferences. When deciding on a bespoke staircase, any ideas you have will be outlined and visualised through CAD drawings, before we manufacture your staircase at our foundry.

If you would like to read more about our range of wood finishes, visit our guest blog wood finishes for stairs by Aedan Kiernan from Wood Finishes Direct.

All railings from British Spirals & Castings are made to order and, with a complete survey service available to you, they will fit perfectly every time.

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