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Balcony Railings

What makes balcony railings different from the other railing options available is that you are unlikely to have a railing head of any sorts on balcony railings, as people often want to be able to look out over their railings with minimum obstruction.

Balcony railings vary significantly in design, from very straightforward plain railings to the more ornate cast iron railings, and anywhere in between. As all the railings are made to order here in our manufacturing units in the UK, most styles and ideas can be accommodated.

We also offer a range of railing components in our  Cast Iron Store.

  • Cast Iron and Aluminium

    Here are just a few examples of the range of cast iron and aluminium balustrading that we can produce.

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  • Wrought Iron

    From elegant to contemporary, with such a large range of steel and wrought iron component available we can create a balcony railing unique to you.

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