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Staircase Balustrades

One of our many specialisms is the renovation and fabrication of bespoke and unique balustrading to existing staircases in the London area. Whether refurbishing existing stairs balustrade or replicating balustrade elsewhere in the property, staircases can be transformed by a skilfully designed, quality made balustrade, with the balusters formed from metal or cast iron. Any hallway can be turned into an exquisite entrance and any dream can be turned into reality.

Beautifully proportioned, they are made for lasting luxury, making a positive statement in any setting, old or new.

You can also browse a range of balustrade designs in ourĀ Cast Iron Store.

  • Staircase Balustrades

    No two staircases are ever the same and quite often we are required to match an original design. Attached are a few examples of some of the projects we have worked on. As we tend to have finished on site prior to the project being completed, we do not often see the finished product but we continue to be instructed by well-known, reputable contractors due to the quality of the work produced.

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