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Traditional Victorian Cast Spiral Staircases

Traditional Victorian cast staircases will always be favourites for many. The appearance of the treads and numerous baluster options make the Victorian style a compelling choice.

Most attractive, yet highly practical, they add a stunning effect to any home, inside or out. It can be the centrepiece of the room, a feature on the patio, or offer a whole new look to the garden.

So whether your application is internal or external and your preference is for traditional, look no further than these superbly crafted, individual cast spiral staircases from British Spirals & Castings.

Our cast aluminium spiral staircases are just as strong and durable as any cast iron staircase on the market and look exactly the same. Unlike cast iron staircases, they are just a third of the weight, which makes them ideal for secondary floor applications.

  • Victorian Spirals With 3 Balusters Per Tread

    The most traditional design of Victorian spiral staircases, dating back to the 19th century, has three Victorian balusters per tread. Not only is this in keeping with the design, but it reduces the gaps between the balusters to less than 100mm to comply with Building Regulations. This design is perfect for those looking for either an internal or external spiral staircase.

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  • Victorian Spirals With Wrought Iron Balusters

    What determines the design of the staircase is the detail of the tread and not the balusters, and hence changing the balusters can create a completely different look and feel. Wrought Iron Balusters can add a more contemporary feel to this beautiful traditional tread design.

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  • Victorian Spirals With Infill Panels

    If you want to create a lighter feel to your spiral staircase but still require to meet current Building Regulations, then there is the option of replacing two of the Victorian balusters with an infill panel. By doing this you can really change the look and feel of the staircase and we make a variety of options for you to consider. Closer detail of the cast aluminium baluster options can be seen on our balusters page.

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  • Victorian Spirals with Victorian Panels and an Infill Panel Every third tread

    As we hand build all our staircases from scratch, we have the ability to create whatever look you would like including mixing different styles together. This Victorian spiral staircase for example has the Victorian baluster on most treads and a Floral Infill panel on every third tread. This project was for a private client in Cornwall who linked 3 areas by using 2 separate spirals, a balcony and landing balustrade all made to match creating a wonderful visual effect.

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  • Victorian Spirals With 1 Baluster Per Tread

    The Victorian spiral stairs with 1 baluster per tread is the most basic design. This would not be acceptable for Building Regulations as the gap between the balusters are greater than 100mm but this could be solved by fitting additional balusters. It is a perfect option for those wanting to gain access to loft areas with limited room, or for small external applications. It is also a popular option for our international clients who do not have the same regulations to comply with as Britain.

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  • Victorian Baluster With Decorative Fascia

    If you want to create a truly unique and ornate look then you can add decorative fascias to your treads whilst still ensuring that they comply with Building Regulations. This metal spiral staircase was designed originally for a theatre production of “A Street Car Named Desire” in the West End of London. It was to replicate the French feel of New Orleans which appealed to this private client, and has proved to be a very popular option for those clients that want a really ornate look.

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  • Landing Plate Options

    Every spiral staircase requires a landing plate of some sort whether this is made by yourselves or supplied by us. They tend to be either 60 (triangular shaped) or 90 degree (square shaped) rotations and can either be made with a cast top to match the treads, or taken to your finished flooring creating a seamless transition between the spiral and the floor. They can be made to either a radius or square edge to fit circular or square openings.

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