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Combination & Kited Staircases

If you are thinking about replacing an existing straight staircase, want to save some room and make an impressive design statement then a combination or kited option might be the answer.

British Spirals & Castings can design any combination staircase for both internal and external applications. This type of design is particularly useful internally when you are accessing a room with a sloping ceiling and limited headroom, or externally when you need to change levels in limited spaces. The LCC kited staircases are very popular in tightly controlled conservation areas, such as Kensington and Chelsea, and provide great access to traditionally built airies, lightwells and basements.

The difference between a kited and combination staircase is purely in the shape of the section that provides a 90 degree turn in the staircase. A combination staircase uses straight forward spiral treads to create the turn, whereas kited staircases use flat edge patterns which follow the lines of a wall.

The combination stair is most popular in the Victorian range as it creates a more interesting feature than a straight staircase. It also allows the entrance or exit of the stairs to be rotated for better access.

The Kited Staircases are more popular in the Diamond or LCC range as conservation and planning requirements often tie the two together. Our Diamond range of castings is an elegant adaptation of the LCC tread range, and as it was a specially commissioned design, British Spirals & Castings is the only manufacturer that can offer it.

Our Cast Aluminium staircases are just as strong and durable as any Cast Iron staircase and provide the high quality aesthetic at a fraction of the weight.

  • Diamond Pattern

    Our diamond range of castings merges elegance with simplicity. With our in house pattern making facility, we have been able to design kited tread patterns to add to the many options in the range of staircase we offer.

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  • LCC Style

    British Spirals & Castings have created a kited pattern in the LCC range due to the demands of conservation areas especially in London and the limited space available in basement/lightwell applications.

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  • Victorian Range

    If the LCC and Diamond ranges are a little too simplistic for you, we can create a kited staircase in the Victorian range by using the Victorian treads and casting and extension piece to create the edges to fit into the walls.

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