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Our modern style straight and kited staircases combine high quality materials with minimalist design, adding a serenity and natural flow within a space. The thin steel stringers on these staircases create the impression that the hardwood treads are floating in the air, providing a seamless finish and allowing light to permeate throughout. The simple powder coated finish on the metalwork also brings out the richness of the Grade-A timber treads and can be completed with either metal or timber handrails and a choice of spindle designs.

  • Straight Steel and Timber Staircases with Metal Handrails

    These beautiful designs add a modern twist on the classic straight staircase design. The restricted material palette, including a simple metal finish on the handrails, draws attention to the quality of the design and finish. We can tailor all aspects of the design to your needs, including a wide choice of spindles, tread widths and thicknesses, and steel or timber risers.

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  • Straight Steel and Timber Staircases with Wooden Handrails

    The choice of a timber handrail brings additional warmth to our modern designs. Rich woods such as Oak, Ash, Sapele, Walnut and Cherry are a popular choice for these staircases and they can be combined with timber or metal risers to add harmony or contrast to the finished aesthetic. We can also work in collaboration with the specialist craftspeople at Handrail Creations to include bespoke wooden handrails.

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  • Helical Steel & Timber Staircase

    Our helical steel and timber staircases provide a statement piece for any space. We can manufacture the steel facias and handrails to run continuously on to landing spaces providing a beautiful flow to the staircase and treads available in a range of Grade-A hardwoods. Recent examples include this staircase we specially developed  based on a concept from Jonathan Lees Architects.

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  • Straight Steel Staircase with Glass Balustrades

    We can create staircases with either solid glazed balustrades, or with individual glazed sections on each tread. We can design the balustrades to either side or top fix onto the staircase depending on your design preferences. In addition the treads and hand rails can be completed in a range of materials including tiled treads for commercial properties, or Grade-A timbers such as oak and ash.


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