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Our modern style straight and kited staircases combine high quality materials with minimalist design, adding a serenity and natural flow within a space. The thin steel stringers on these staircases create the impression that the hardwood treads are floating in the air, providing a seamless finish and allowing light to permeate throughout. The simple powder coated finish on the metalwork also brings out the richness of the Grade-A timber treads and can be completed with either metal or timber handrails and a choice of spindle designs.

  • Straight Steel and Timber Staircases with Metal Handrails

    These beautiful designs add a modern twist on the classic straight staircase design. The restricted material palette, including a simple metal finish on the handrails, draws attention to the quality of the design and finish. We can tailor all aspects of the design to your needs, including a wide choice of spindles, tread widths and thicknesses, and steel or timber risers.

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  • Straight Steel and Timber Staircases with Wooden Handrails

    The choice of a timber handrail brings additional warmth to our modern designs. Rich woods such as ash and oak are a popular choice for these staircases and they can be combined with timber or metal risers to add harmony or contrast to the finished aesthetic.

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  • Helical Steel & Timber Staircase

    This staircase was specially designed based on a concept from Jonathan Lees Architects. It features solid oak treads with steel fascias and handrails which run continuously onto the upper balcony.

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